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1-On-1 Guidance

If what I've talked about on this website is of interest to you, and you would like to find out more, or have any questions about what I've described, you're welcome to make a free booking below.

If after talking to me for a couple of sessions, and we both think my teaching is appropriate for your spiritual path, you can learn from me on a more regular basis.  Once there is mutual agreement between you and me to learn and teach, you can talk to me regularly (e.g. once a week), either through Skype or in person.​

Consultation Information

  • Booking times are automatically displayed in your time zone, when you book online.

  • Consultations are free, but you can make a donation if you wish.

  • Consultations are done via Skype calls.


  • Rather than lectures, I always aim to provide you with tailor-made advice based on your stories about your spiritual path. Which will include helping you see/find/notice/realise your own obstacles and/or where you might be stuck in spiritual learning.


  • I like using the method of questions and answers. I will ask you questions as a way of making you see/observe/examine your spiritual path. I’d also like you to bring me some questions, based on your spiritual thirst and curiosity.  


  • Consultations can be done in English, Korean or Japanese.


If you've found Unju's teachings to be of value to you, ​a donation would be greatly appreciated and will assist Unju to continue to offer her free teachings.

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Online Booking

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