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How I could Help

I might be able to help you, if:

  • You have been having spiritual experiences beyond your will and intentions, and are in desperate need of some solid spiritual guidance.

  • You think that you have had spontaneous knowing and/or no-self like experiences, but are not quite sure what your experiences might truly be.

  • You feel like you have totally lost your spiritual direction and don’t know where to go next.

  • You want to know whether your current spiritual direction is the right one for you.

  • You are not interested, or are no longer interested, in New Age teachings/beliefs.

  • You don't feel that formal methods and practices are of key importance on the spiritual path.

  • You are fed up with all the spiritual books, articles, blogs, websites, teachings etc. that say the similar things, but you don't feel you're going anywhere.

  • You have been desperately wanting to 'Know Everything' through your own experiences, not by books and/or teachings.

  • You're not looking for someone who tells you everything like a textbook, but someone who could guide/assist you to stand firmly on your path of 'awakening'.

  • You don't believe a spiritual teacher/teaching can give you 'awakening', but you must do it yourself.

  • You've tried everything in vein, but you still have a strong desire or desperation to know what 'awakening' and 'enlightenment' are about.

  • You've been interested in Buddhism/Hinduism/Daoism, but do not resonate with their formalities and rules.

  • You're only new to a spiritual path, but have a very strong urge to know what 'awakening and enlightenment' is.


I might NOT be able to help you, if you’re interested in spiritual learning for:

  • Resolving general life problems and crises

  • Changing unwanted personality traits

  • Knowing the right meditation methods

  • Automatic gaining of awakening/enlightenment without effort

  • Beliefs in “New Earth” type philosophies

  • Experiencing Ki/chi energy, supernatural phenomena, invisible worlds etc

  • Knowing other realities in dimensions

  • Being connected to beings in other planets

  • New Age spirituality

  • Esotericism

  • Mysticism

  • Magick/Occultism

  • Life coaching

  • Relief from emotional/mental pain

  • Opening chakras

Finding the Right Teaching

Spiritual growth happens through your own learning process which doesn’t necessarily require a spiritual teacher. Having a very good spiritual teacher doesn’t mean that you can gain awakening/enlightenment automatically – these things can’t be passed from one person to another. Only ‘you’ can make it happen yourself. A spiritual teacher can only be a guide, helping you to stay on track so that you don’t lose the direction too much or for too long.

Many spiritual people try and use spiritual learning as a tool to remove their life problems. I do understand that people who are having a life crisis and feeling totally helpless can look for answers from spirituality. However, if Life brought you a crisis to take you to the path of spirituality, you must focus on ‘Spirituality’ itself, rather than putting all your efforts into solving the life crisis. The life crisis is used as a tool to make you ‘SEE’.

Once the real goal is achieved, the tool (crisis) is not needed anymore, thus, it will go away naturally. All the things we typically desire when in a crisis: a peaceful mind, emotional relief, heart opening, and the ability to seeing things clearly, can sometimes happen as by products along the way, if you’re focusing on spirituality rather than the crisis. But, it might take a long time. It might never happen too, if you persist not to see. It all depends. For that reason, I don’t focus on those by products themselves, but instead focus on opening the eyes to see.


If your only purpose for spiritual learning is to gain a peaceful mind and resolve your current life problems, I might not be the best teacher for you.

Problems in life are an inevitable part of our lives and there’s no one who doesn’t have a problem in her/his life. It’s ok to have problems in life. How we perceive our life problems determines if they are actually real problems or not. If you have a problem with having problems in life, you might find it very difficult to ever have peaceful mind, even if you have a Buddha as your spiritual teacher. It is all about your attitudes towards problems and life.

I think the ultimate goal of spiritual learning is ‘awakening/enlightenment’. That’s all I know and that’ll be all I focus on when I talk about spirituality.

I know that New Age spirituality is very popular and becoming more main stream nowadays. However, I have no knowledge about it, and have no interest in New Age teachings and practices.

There are many different types of spiritual teachers these days. Some teachers focus on mindfulness and obtaining a peaceful mind. Some also focus specifically on energies, whether it be in the body/mind/soul, or the Earth/Universe etc. Some say Earth is connected or related to other realms in other planets or in other dimensions, and base their teachings up these ideas. That’s all fine and ok. I recommend you examine carefully what exactly you want to gain or know about spirituality. Then, find appropriate teachings/teachers for yourself.


If you say that the only thing that you are interested in with spiritual learning is to seek awakening and enlightenment, and you strongly feel you need some guidance for your spiritual direction at this stage, then I might be a help for you.

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